Executive Assistant

Position Overview:  Work to coordinate all client service activities with a focus on delivering the ultimate client experience. This position is critical to building client advocacy and ensuring continued profitability of the practice through facilitating organic growth and referral opportunities. This individual spends almost all his or her time in client-facing activities so that the advisors can focus efforts on growing the practice through marketing and sales activities. (FOCUS ON SERVING CLIENTS AND PRESIDENT/VP)


  • Reliable, follows through on commitments
  • Detail-oriented
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Collaborative and accommodating
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Resourcefulness 
  • Strong prioritization skills
  • Can take direction and execute a plan

Functional Responsibilities

  • Fulfill client requests and handle service-related issues
  • Schedule all client reviews, client trips, & client meetings to achieve a more productive rhythm & pace 
    • Coordinate with service offering providers (CPA and Estate Attorneys)
    • Manage individual team members as well as the firms KPI
  • Personally assist President and Vice President
    • Manage schedules/calendars
    • Hold accountable for achieving goals and completing tasks
  • Events Management
    • Conduct & lead monthly events meetings
    • Maintain budget
    • Determine the series of events we will offer to our client base the calendar year
    • Facilitate and supervise all company events until completion
  • Maintain Staff and Sales Agendas
  • Manage the sales process
    • Answer questions regarding the onboarding process and the firm’s wealth management model 
  • Oversee the prospect to client process
    • Assist in building, tracking, and maintaining sales pipeline and prospect touch plan
    • Request and obtain financial data from prospect and relay data to appropriate contacts within the team.
    • Assist with the administrative onboarding of new client
  • Equip advisors for up-coming client meetings – existing clients, prospects, and centers of influence
  • Participate in team daily, weekly, and monthly meetings
  • Participate in the Emergency Response plan as the Client Liaison.  Communicate with our clients to inform and comfort them with regard to the firm’s situation.

Physical Job Requirements

  • Bending/ Kneeling:  Ability to bend to lower-level cabinets.  Bend to files in cabinet as needed.
  • Continuous Sitting:  Ability to sit for up to 8 hours a day at desk working on computer.

Educational and Experience Requirements and Preferences

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree, preferred
  • Experience:  2-4 years of administrative experience is required
  • Technology:  Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Excel, and CRM systems are preferred