Supporting family health. Managing family wealth.

That’s what having a “family office” means to us.

Recognizing that the foundation of a family enterprise is not just in managing wealth but in building and creating it for generations to come. At Brand AMG, we understand the intricacies of intertwining family dynamics with wealth-creation strategies. Through our suite of family office solutions, we go beyond the conventional scope of wealth management and work with families like yours to preserve and enhance your financial legacy.

Connecting Generations

All of our work begins with conversations… conversations between couples, between generations, and with our team to understand your goals. Your family office is the venue for having the good, the difficult, and the meaningful conversations around your family's wealth and plans for the future. Our team is here to guide these conversations and provide counsel at each step.

Supporting Family Wealth and Health

Money can greatly enhance, or greatly trouble, a family’s future. How will it impact your family? The answer depends on the health of your family unit, and that’s why we prioritize supporting your family's spiritual, relational, and financial health, not just the wealth you are managing.

Guided by Your Family’s Values

As part of our family office solution, we help define your mission, vision, and values to preserve, build and create new wealth. What is the purpose of your family’s wealth? What is your vision for how wealth impacts generations to come? What were the values that built this wealth and can help preserve it in perpetuity for generations to come?

The next level of core wealth services

When you become a family office client, you receive the core services that we’ve been providing to families with ultra-high-net worth for more than 30 years.

  • Investment Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Philanthropic Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Advanced Tax Planning
  • Family Cash Flow Planning
  • Guidance Covering Private Investments
  • Risk Management
  • Consolidated Reporting

All of the “extra” solutions that high-net-worth families need

You also have the ability to choose from a variety of more tailored services that can be especially important for families like yours who are managing the complexities that come with significant financial resources.

  • Multi-Entity Estate Planning
  • Private Banking
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy Protection Education
  • Property Management
  • Lifestyle & Wellness Resources
  • Bill Pay & Bookkeeping
  • Family Legacy Planning
  • Off-site Family Retreats

Your Mosaic of financial experts

You also get the solutions that we know are especially important for families like yours.


Building Stronger Connections

Throughout the year, we host special events for our family office clients that are focused on protecting family wealth and supporting family health. This on-demand webinar offers practical strategies and guidance that can help you strengthen your family bonds. Listen now for an engaging session featuring Christy Brimm, a licensed therapist from Two Bridges Counseling, as she provides valuable insights into maintaining healthy family relationships.

How can we support your family?

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